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Looking for expert help on your next big Clojure project?

Why not get help from some of the best in the business?


You know how much of a force multiplier Clojure can be, but it’s not always easy to find the right help. You’ve got a team; but they’ve also got their own deadlines.


What if you could bring in one of Clojure’s leading experts, hit the ground running, and knock your project out of the park?


With Homegrown Labs, you’ll get access to that expertise and a rich consulting history up-and-down the Clojure stack. All with that homegrown flavour.


Book a call today to discuss your project. We’re currently taking work March 2017 and beyond.

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About Homegrown Labs

Homegrown Labs is led by Ryan Neufeld, developer, educator and author in the Clojure and Docker space.

Ryan got his start leading development for a number of startups, before joining Cognitect, a high-end consultancy that stewards the Clojure language. Since then, Ryan has moved on to start his own practice–Homegrown Labs–to offer specialized consulting to companies building highly-available systems in Clojure.

Homegrown Labs’ staff has been using Clojure and DevOps technologies for a number of years on high-profile systems, including Fortune 100 Retail E-Commerce sites and Mobile Financial Payment systems. At these companies, Ryan worked on everything from heavy feature development to delivery pipeline & proces improvement.

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Aviso - eCommerce Simulation Test Suite

In early 2016, Homegrown Labs worked with Aviso, an EFT switch provider, to implement simulation tests to validate their new eCommerce Gateway API.

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Aviso - Delivery Pipeline Improvements

In 2015 and 2016, Homegrown Labs worked with Aviso to modernize its delivery pipeline. Throughout the course of the project, Aviso Dockerized its existing delivery pipeline and added numerous addiltional checks and validations, improving cycle times and time to deploy.

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Aviso - Proof of Concept Financial System

In 2014, Homegrown Labs assisted Aviso, a financial services company, in building and deploying a proof of concept financial system.

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